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 A little Background ...  
 Community Transport in Australia has been around for more than 30 years. The purpose, the philosophy of Community Transport is basically to ensure everybody in society has a ‘fair go’ - access to passenger transport services that everyone needs to carry on with life.

The major sources of funding for Community Transport projects are usually the Federal/State Home and Community Care (HACC) program, and the NSW State funded Community Transport Program (CTP). In NSW, Community Transport is funded on a geographic basis. LMCTG is funded to provide services in the Marrickville and Leichhardt municipalities.

LMCTG applies for funding under these (and other) programs, but the decisions about guidelines and funding are made by politicians and bureaucracies.


 First Things First  
 Access to Community Transport services is not an entitlement in the same way that, say, health treatment is under Medicare.

That has 2 effects;

  • You need to be eligble to receive services.
  • Services are not guaranteed - they must be within the resources of the project.

 Am I Eligible?  -the Official Word

LCTG services are funded under 2 different programs;

  • the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program, and
  • the Community Transport Program (CTP)

The funding itself describes the criteria for eligibility - both these sources have different eligibility requirements.



A link to Transport NSW's description of the HACC Program

A link to Transport NSW's description of the CTP Program

A link to the new HACC Community Transport Guidelines

 HACC Funded Services  -be aware - Nursing Homes
 Do you get around OK? Can you reach all the goods and services you need? How about visiting friends and getting out of the house? No?

HACC is about assisting people to stay in their homes, and providing basic services that make that happen. In terms of Community Transport, it’s about assisting you to reach the places you need to reach.

HACC funding is focused on older folk and people who have a disability, but that by itself is not the total picture. If you have difficulty with everyday tasks, and you don’t get around OK -  then you may be eligible.

If you already receive other HACC services like Meals on Wheels or Neighbour Aid or Home Maintenance, then it’s almost certain that are already eligible.

But the best thing to do is to not count yourself in - or count yourself out - but to check with our office.


HACC is designed to keep people in their home.

HACC funding specifically excludes situations where an accommodation/care package includes 'HACC like' services. In other words, if you enter a nursing home, it is quite unlikely we can continue to provide our services to you.

This gets quite complicated, but the advice is to check in advance whether you can get HACC services if you move into a nursing home, hostel, etc.

 CTP Funded Services  -a lament!
 CTP services are for people who are "Transport Disadvantaged".

That’s any circumstance where you have limited or no access to private transport and can’t make use of ‘conventional’ transport, like buses or trains. It’s not just a question of whether conventional transport services operate near you, it’s also whether you can use them.

Unlike HACC, CTP services are available to a person of any age, with or without a disability - they’re for anybody who is Transport Disadvantaged.

Again, if you’re uncertain, check with our office.


The CTP Program is a very important source of funds for Community Transport in NSW.

"there has been no growth funds allocated to the CTP in the last 10 years"
NSW Dept. of Transport's description of the CTP Program.

The current govt has promised to increase CTP funding by $12 million.

 So what should I do now?   -can I refer someone else?
 You’ve probably guessed! Please phone our office.

Our office staff can discuss with you your situation and circumstances, and advise you about both services and eligibility.

If you’re eligible and wish to proceed, then you need to go ‘on our books’. Staff will arrange for an assessment process, which is easily done over the phone, and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

If you're not eligible, our staff will do their best to advise you of any transport alternatives.


You certainly can.

Naturally we need to know if that person is interested in our services, and agrees to become a passenger.

Sometimes it's better if a Carer provides the information for the assessment, provided the person is happy for that to happen.

 Assessment  -private Information
 Frightening word? No need to worry. The process is easy and straightfoward.

Firstly you be asked basic details, such as your name, address, and so on.

The next part is to find out about how we can best serve you. That involves asking questions about your ability to do things now. That’s so we can ensure our driving staff know in advance about things like whether or not you’ll need assistance from the door, getting into the vehicle, etc. We need to know the name and some details of who to contact in case of an emergency, your Carer (if you have one), etc.


During the Assessment process you'll be asked to provide information which you many people consider private.

LMCTG is bound to privacy legislation, and we conform to those requirements.

To find out more see our Passenger Information Booklet


 And then?  -some tips
 And then you’re ready to book!

By this stage you’ve probably discussed with staff the type of service you’re looking for, and they can advise of times and dates that are available.

Please be aware that some services are booked heavily, and you may have to wait some weeks for your first trip.



We'll do our best to help with a request for a trip tomorrow, or even today, but often we're completely booked out by then. So please call us well in advance.

If you have a cancellation, please let us know in advance if possible. We often have people on a waiting list.

 About Booking  

Different services have different ways to book, but there's nothing too complicated or unexpected here.

Regular shopping services, and our Shuttle services, for instance, can be booked on a routine basis, such as a permanent fortnightly booking. Or you may prefer to just call (in advance) when you want to use them.

If you’re wanting a trip to a doctor’s appointment, then please ensure you contact the office in advance, as soon as you know when your appointment is. These services, Individual or Flexible Transport, are particularly heavily booked.

If you'd like to be posted our newsletter, and/or regular information about our Outings, please let the staff know.




 And from here?  -more info

There's still heaps more information in our Passengers Information Guide - the link is at right.

Brief descriptions of our services are just a mouse click away, on the menu at the left of your screen. You can also view, save or print our leaflets, which contain detailed info. Just click on the underlined link.

For more detail and enquiries, please also feel very free to call our office. Business hours are best. We do get quite busy, so if you get the answering service please leave a message and we'll get back to you.


Our Passenger Information Booklet has info about

  • your rights and responsibilities
  • confidentiality
  • how to make a complaint

and more.



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